Monday, 14 November 2011

British actresses helen mirren hot pictures

British actresses helen mirren hot pictures

Helen Mirren is one of the finest British actresses.

She has had a long and distinguished career (her filmography is huge!). She is also well know for appearing in movies where she has to (at least partially) undress for her art. I think this is more related to her attraction for "edgier" projects rather than a sub-conscious need to flash.

She has had a marvellous few years lately, with her Oscar and the many other awards she has received for The Queen, Elizabeth and Prime Suspect. She also beat out J-Lo in a marvelous body competition.

Helen Mirren is an Oscar-winner and a Dame. According to certain episode of 30 Rock, she's also a wizard -- a theory we happen to support, even if it was founded by a fictional character. (How else to explain how good she looks in a bikini?)
Mirren's latest accomplishment? She's your Body of the Year for 2011.
Body of the Year, huh? It's a title you probably never heard of before now. (When -- oh, when -- will online polls sponsored by fitness club franchises earn the same gravitas as People's annual Most Beautiful list?!)
But 2,000 participants in an online survey sponsored by L.A. Fitness have spoken (or clicked), and -- as dodgy as the poll's pedigree may seem -- we fully endorse the results.
Mirren, 66, leads the ladies' list, her physique (and mastery of the rack-preserving arts) gaining her 17.65 per cent of the vote.

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