Saturday, 20 August 2011

World’s Most Astonishing Volcano Lakes

There are numerous volcanoes made lakes around the world like Ijen Lake, Coatepeque Caldera, Mount Katmai and Heaven Lake. Volcano lakes can happen via some different ways: The first way would simply be a crater filled with water while another way is these lakes can form when a volcano erupts. Let’s see the most astonishing volcano lakes around the world.

Ijen Lake is the biggest crater lake situated in a group of stratovolcanoes inside the Ijen Volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It is a one-kilometer-wide acid crater lake with a beautiful turquoise color. Thanks to an active vent, Ijen Lake is also a site for sulphur mining which was continually brought to the surface.

                                                            Ijen Lake

                                                     Coatepeque Caldera

The third largest lake in Minnesota, Laach Lake also known as Laacher See, was created after the massive Laacher See eruption, which occurred about 12,900 years ago

Lake Taupo seen on the North Island of New Zealand around 26,500 years ago is the largest lake in New Zealand

          Heaven Lake on the border between China and North Korea covers about 9.82 km²

                            Lake Nyos in the North Western part of Cameroon

 Lake Towada, the largest Crater Lake in Japan is situated in an active volcano caldera with the last big eruption dating back approximately 13,000 years

                                                        Mount Katmai

              Lake Toba is a huge caldera lake on Sumatra Island in Indonesia, the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest Volcano Lake in the world

 The beautiful Crater Lake in South-central Oregon State, USA houses a stunning deep blue color and brilliant water clarity

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